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Spring Sweepstakes 2013


Trivia Question For Week of 5/27/13





What Pennsylvania City Was Title Of A Top 10 Hit For Billy Joel?



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Spring Sweepstakes

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Register each week to win a River Prize Package. Just answer our weekly Trivia Question.


Each Weekly winner becomes a finalist in the Grand Prize Drawing to be held on May 31st!


Grand prize winner wins $250 in River cash. That means you can spend $250 at any or all of the participating Spring Sweepstakes sponsors on this page!


Week Of 5/13/13 Winner


The Eagles formed when they met as a back-up group for what singer?


Answer: Linda Ronstadt

Winner: Carol Strahl


Week Of 5/6/13 Winner


In the classic hit song "American Pie", by Don McLean, who is referred to as "The Jester" In The Song?


Answer: Bob Dylan

Winner: Janet Kelly


"Blinded By The Light" Was Originally Recorded By Bruce Springsteen, What Group Made It A Number 1 Hit?


Answer: Manfred Manns Earth Band

Winner: Karen Rhinebolt