Jeff Buchheit, from The River 98.9, has visited several well known places in our region over the last 6 months, while recording Discover The Great Outdoors.


Now, if you can guess, from the pictures on this page, where Jeff is, you could win tickets to an area Theme Park from The River 98.9!



1-Corner Restaurant - Pic 1

2- Lazy River Canoe - Pic 2

3- O'Dell Lock & Key - Pic 3

4- Pfaff's Market - Pic 4

5-Vito's Hoagie House - Pic 5

6-Whissels Stop - Pic 6



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Join Jeff Buchheit for Discover The Great Outdoors, Tuesday Evenings At 6:30 p.m.



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Congratulations To Our Winners...

Adam Ehrensberger, Julie Aiello & Amy Decker!

Answers Below!

Where's Jeff? Picture 1

Clue - Plane

Answer - St. Marys Airport

Where's Jeff? Picture 2

Clue - Clear

Answer - Clear Creek State Park


Where's Jeff? Picture 3

Clue - Canoe

Answer - Lazy River Canoe


Where's Jeff? Picture 4

Clue - Commissioner-Farm

Answer - Kemmer Farm

Where's Jeff? Picture 5


Clue - Dog

Answer - St. Marys Beagle Club

Where's Jeff? Picture 6


Clue - Elk

Answer - Elk Country Visitors Center