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Report From Cameron County School Board Meeting

(Tina Johns)


Cameron county school board clarifies changes for meetings in 2015.  No longer will agendas be posted on its website for workshop meetings….voting meeting notes will be published on the website.  Visitors had been given the opportunity to address the board at both the beginning and end of the meeting, but now public comments will be limited to the start of the meeting.  Board president Paul Abraitis explained the changes were made by the board solicitor.


Cameron county school board dipped into its reserve fund to pay the bills last year as an audit shows the district used 450 thousand dollars to pay the bills.  One of the reasons….. Less taxes collected and increased expenses including 150 thousand for for a new gym floor.  Auditors predict the district again will dip into that reserve fund using about 300 thousand dollars to pay bills. 


Cameron county school district preparing for negotiations with faculty and support staff.  Board president Paul Abraitis will sit on both negotiating teams…joining Abraitis on the team which will work on a deal with teachers is sandy shields and Dave Mcmanigal….negotiating with support staff will be Kris Umble, abraitis and Jan Hampton.

One school board member wants cell phones banned from Cameron county school district.  Sandy shields requested that the cell phone policy be reviewed.  Shields gave three reasons for the ban…including a new app that allows text messages to be untraceable, the current sexting investigation involving a substitute teacher and students at the school and calls cell phones a distraction from education.  Superintendent Chris Holjencin says she will gather cell phone policies from other districts for the board to review.  Meanwhile administrators admit that several teachers have imposed their own ban on cell phones in their classrooms.


A call to look at reducing staff at Cameron county high school receives no support.  The high school has a ratio of one teacher to 10 students.  Last night board member sandy shields asked for a meeting to review class sizes and setting a minimum number of students in order to offer the class….but no other board members nor administrators made a comment.  This is the third time shields has asked for the meeting and received the same response.






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