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New President At Elk Regional Health Center




Rose M. Campbell, RN, BSN, MBA, took the helm of Elk Regional Health Center as its new President in August, bringing to the organization’s leadership team 27 years of experience as a Registered Nurse and a crystal-clear vision of Elk Regional’s future.

“I am humbled to have been selected to lead Elk Regional Health Center,” Mrs. Campbell said. “I look forward to leading Elk Regional and positioning it as the health care provider of choice and as a strong member of Penn Highlands Healthcare.”

Mrs. Campbell is the first woman to serve as Elk Regional Health Center’s administrator in the 35 years since Sister Raphael Baker, OSB, left the post on March 1, 1978. While she recognizes that she is a role model in that capacity, she said it’s important to her to look beyond that.

“As a leader, as a role model, it is not my goal to be a hero,” Mrs. Campbell said. “It is my goal to make data-driven, fact-based decisions with wisdom and compassion. It is my goal to treat people with simple human kindness, integrity, and honesty. I try to approach every interaction and decision with a ‘servant leadership’ attitude. No matter what position you’re in, you’re serving someone or something. It is my intent to serve and to serve well.”

Before coming to Elk Regional, Mrs. Campbell spent 16 months as the President of Brookville Hospital, a subsidiary of DuBois Regional Medical Center. Elk Regional Health Center has more than 1,100 employees and six affiliate organizations. Leading such a large, comprehensive, and complex organization is an opportunity for which Mrs. Campbell is well prepared.

For four years, she served as the Vice President of Patient Care Services and the Chief Nursing Officer at Brookville Hospital, where she worked to establish a pulmonary rehabilitation program; an outpatient interventional pain management clinic; and an outpatient psychiatry clinic for patients who are age 55 and older. She spent three years as the administrative manager of the Nathaniel D. Yingling Cancer Center in Clearfield, where she established a radiation oncology program in collaboration with Clearfield Hospital and DuBois Regional Medical Center. For a 10-year period, she was the Oncology Program Director at DuBois Regional Medical Center, where she oversaw the Hahne Regional Cancer Center, the Cancer Registry, and was instrumental in establishing the DRMC Breast Care Services program. She spent a year as the administrative director of orthopedics, neurology, medical/surgical, oncology, palliative care, intravenous and ostomy therapies at Altoona Hospital, where she developed training programs that earned accreditation from the Oncology Nursing Society.

Mrs. Campbell’s background and experience in business management and leadership is supplemented by 12 years of experience as a front-line nurse and nurse manager in the intensive care setting. She earned a Bachelor’s degree in Nursing and holds a Master’s degree in Business Administration.

“Leading an organization of any size not something you do alone,” she said. “It’s something you approach with a solid team at your back. It’s like anything else – you break it down into manageable pieces, prepare and rely upon your team members, communicate, and establish the vision and an actionable plan. You develop people into leaders, make sure that those leaders understand the vision and mission, and ensure that they’re well-positioned to lead.”

Mrs. Campbell said she approaches her new role with the intent of building a trusting working relationship with Elk Regional’s employees, physicians, and Board of Directors – but also with the community at large.

“Openness, transparency, and trust are important to me,” she said. “Without these qualities, it is difficult for an organization to achieve success.” 

Her vision for Elk Regional’s future is one in which the organization remains strong and viable.  “My vision of the future for Elk Regional is crystal clear: we will be here for years to come and we will be successful at establishing our organization as the health care provider of choice for the services we provide and the communities we serve,” Mrs. Campbell said of Elk Regional’s place as part of Penn Highlands Healthcare. “We may look different as health care evolves, but we will be here. That is my best assurance to this community. Elk Regional Health Center is an independent organization that needs to function as a strong part of a larger whole. It is my goal to position Elk Regional in such a way that it remains a strong member of the larger system and to also cast a vision that makes sense for us as part of Penn Highlands Healthcare.

“For Penn Highlands to be successful, each member hospital has to be strong,” she continued. “As part of Brookville Hospital, I’ve seen how Penn Highlands operates and I can say that everyone works to ensure that Brookville Hospital, Clearfield Hospital, and DuBois Regional Medical Center are successful. There has never been an attitude of competition for services and volume. Instead, it’s a competition for quality, and we all sharpen one another’s swords in that regard.”

That will be important, Mrs. Campbell said, as the health care industry moves into the future. The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010 changed the hospital reimbursement model. Previously, hospitals received payment based on volume. Moving forward, hospitals will receive payment based upon quality and patient outcomes.

“The ground is changing beneath our feet and we cannot do business as usual,” Mrs. Campbell said. “As an organization and as a larger health system, we need to understand health reform legislation and respond well to it. Our challenges are the same as those faced by every other hospital in America. The nice part of being a member of a health system is that we have counterparts going through the same things, which opens the door for a best practice exchange. We have to position ourselves to remain financially viable while providing services in the best possible way for our patients. Our employees are an important part of ensuring our success within the framework of the new hospital payment model. It all comes back to how we interact with our patients and I will be working to ensure that every employee understands their role.”

Those roles will be defined as part of the award-winning culture transformation that is under way at Elk Regional Health Center. Mrs. Campbell pointed to the creation of a “patient first culture” and said it will be an important priority for her.

“When you talk about culture, the patient has to be at the forefront,” she said. “Culture is more than words. Culture is that invisible fabric, if you will, that holds an organization together. It’s what we do – but more importantly, it’s how we do it. It’s the experience that someone has from the moment they come through our doors and it impacts everyone: our employees, our physicians, our patients, and their loved ones. If we keep the patient first in everything we do and bring every decision back to a consideration of how it will affect the patient, we will be moving in the right direction.”

While Mrs. Campbell can’t say for sure what the healthcare landscape will be in the next five years, she knows exactly what she wants Elk Regional and Penn Highlands to be – the region’s health care providers of choice.

            “We can be the leaders depending upon how we position ourselves,” she said. “I want people to perceive us as a great place to receive care and as a place that offers exceptional customer service. We need to look at everything with a constructively critical eye and ask ourselves if it makes sense for us to offer a service, whether we’re the best provider of that service, and how we can best capitalize upon opportunity.”

            Mrs. Campbell said she hopes to become actively involved in organizations throughout Elk and Cameron counties. She is currently a member of the Penn State DuBois Education Foundation Board of Directors and the Free Medical Clinic of DuBois Board of Directors, where she serves as chairman of the Quality Committee.   

            She and her husband, Terry, have been married for 35 years and live in DuBois. They have two grown children, Tabitha and Joshua, and two granddaughters, Evangeline, 6 and Caitlyn, 4.






















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