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Chamber Presents The River 98.9 With "Blight To Flight" Award


At the annual St. Marys Area Chamber of Commerce Dinner on Friday, May 1st, The River 98.9 was honored to be recognized with the Chamber's "Blight To Flight" Award".


Ashley O'Dell, Outreach Coordinator, noted the award is given each year to a business that gives back to the community.


John Salter, owner of the station said that the award is a testament to the staff at the radio station. "I'm proud to be part of a team that strives to be involved in our community on a day to day basis. We are honored to have been chosen for this award by the St. Marys Area Chamber of Commerce".




Some video from Rotary Halloween parade.

Posted by John Salter on Saturday, October 31, 2015





2015 PA WILDS Award Winner ...The River 98.9



The staff from The River 98.9 receiving the Pennsylvania Wilds Award for Best Brand Ambassador at recent banquet. Pictured is Jeff Buchheit, Marketing Director and host of "Discover The Great Outdoors", a weekly show that features news, events and interviews with local people involved in the PA. WILDS. Gary Mitchell, Operations Manager at the River 98.9. Gary has been instrumental in incorporating the Pennsylvania Wilds theme in the stations programming. Tina Johns Solak, News Director and on-air personality at the River 98.9. Tina has played a key role in covering local news and events that take place in the Pennsylvania Wilds since the beginning. John Salter, River 98.9 President/General manager. John noted that he is extremely proud to be working with a staff that has been so committed to the Pennsylvania Wilds concept.




The River 98.9 received the 2015 Champions of Pa. Wilds Best Brand Ambassador Award on Thursday. Shown from left to right are state Rep. Matt Gabler, Deborah Pontzer of Congressman Thompson's office, Gary Mitchell and John Salter of The River 98.9 and Mark Adams of Senator Joe Scarnati's office.



The River 98.9 – Best Brand Ambassador, Cameron County


A regional brand can be a powerful economic development tool. But it takes time and a big reach to build name recognition. It helps greatly to have media partners who understand and believe in your brand. This is especially true in rural PA, where people and businesses are more spread out and social media can still be limited in some areas due to connectivity issues. For several years now, the River 98.9 “Your Hometown Radio Station” has promoted the Pennsylvania Wilds as a place in its radio ads, talk shows and other programming. If you have driven through Elk or Cameron counties, you have probably heard announcers refer to stopping by this or that business “in the Pennsylvania Wilds,” or public service announcements for tourism activities in the region. These messages are heard by hundreds of listeners each week. We thank WQKY-FM and WLEM-AM owner, John Salter, and operations manager, Gary Mitchell, and their staff for this organic, grassroots support that is helping to build name recognition for the Pennsylvania Wilds. (Read More, Click Here)


Pennsylvania Wilds Annual Banquet Held At The Red Fern



The Pennsylvania Wilds Annual Dinner and awards banquet was held on Thursday at the Red Fern. Business owners, citizens and organizations that serve the Pennsylvania Wilds were recognized for their efforts in supporting the organization.


Above, Tim Smith and Brad Clinton, from TOMBOB OUTDOORS, receiving an award as the Business of the Year.


Other local award winners were Umbrella Rocks-State Game Lands 44 in Ridgway, winner of the Great Places Award; the Pennsylvania Outdoors Elk Expo received the Event of the Year; Julie Mader of Cameron County received "Artisan of the Year", Todd Deluccia from Cameron County received the Conservation Stewardship Individual Award.







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