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Sunday, November 16th


Penn Highlands Elk is sponsoring a program on Taking Control of Diabetes, on Tuesday, November 18th at 6 p.m. at the Education Center on the Campus of Penn Highlands Elk.


Listen as Kelly Schreiber-Straub, from Penn Highlands Elk, talks about the program and Diabetes.


Plus, Jeff Buchheit visits Elk Haven and talks with Margaret Eckert about her life living in our area.





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About Senior Living...


Senior Living in Elk and Cameron Counties is a partnership between The River 98.9 and Edward Gerg, your local Allstate Insurance Representative and the Community Nurses.


The program is evolving and will be including new features each week. We hope to provide news and information that is important to seniors in Elk and Cameron Counties. This includes information from senior centers, answers to medical questions, interviews with those in the health care field, and our local government and elected officials.


Most important, our host, Jeff Buchheit, will feature a special guest from our community, each week. We will be able to talk to our neighbors about living in Elk and Cameron Counties. We'll share their memories and experiences about this special part of Pennsylvania that we call home.


If you would like to be a guest on Senior Living, or would like to recommend a feature, please call us at 834-0070, or email us at theriver989@gmail .com .


We hope you enjoy the weekly program