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Dr. Briant Toth, Superintendent of Schools, Looks Back At His Tenure

Welcome to our school district website. I am Dr. G. Brian Toth, Superintendent of Schools. I believe it is a gift given to me to be able to serve the students of the community.
What I believe about our school community:
* I believe we must develop, nurture and provide positive, respectful and accepting relationships within our school community.

* I believe we must provide opportunities for ALL students to be successful, be college and career ready and have real-world experiences to be prepared for the world around us.
* I believe we must foster global awareness, communication, collaboration, creativity and critical thinking throughout the educational experience at the SMASD.

* I believe that ALL students want to be, can be and should be encouraged to strive for meeting high expectations.
We must be a supportive team of students, parents, staff, and community in order to meet the needs of all students.
Dr. Toth is leaving his position this summer. We had a chance to talk to him about his time with the school district
Dr. Brian Toth Talks About His Time At SMASD
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