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Wednesday, November 25th

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Most Popular Thanksgiving TV Shows

The One With All The Thanksgivings, 11/19/98
A very funny episode from beginning to end as the gang discusses past Thanksgivings they have shared together. Chandler ends up getting angry with Monica over something that happened in the past and Monica tries to make him laugh and forgive her by arriving at his door with a turkey on her head. A fez and huge sunglasses complete the effect (which also has Joey running screaming out of the room).

Everybody Loves Raymond
No Fat, 11/23/98
There are many words that can be used to describe a delicious turkey. Succulent. Juicy. Golden. Crispy. Tender. But one word that should never be used to describe the delicious showpiece of most Thanksgiving Day dinners: gelatinous.

Yet, that was the Barone family turkey in this T-Day gem, in which the well-intentioned mama Marie (Doris Roberts) tries to save everyone's cholesterol levels by making a healthier holiday feast. No one was impressed with the Tofurkey, especially son Ray, who had secretly ordered a real turkey and all the trimmings. And, in the end, Marie herself had to admit her bird was a turkey, especially when she was caught noshing on the real thing in Ray and Debra's kitchen that night.

Happy Days
The First Thanksgiving, 11/21/78
Frustrated that her family is spending Thanksgiving day watching football games, Marion Cunningham (Marion Ross) tells them all about the first Thanksgiving. This episode features funny reenactments, with even Fonzie (Henry Winkler) dressed as a pilgrim donning a wooden motorcycle.

WKRP In Cincinnati
Turkeys Away, 10/30/78
Probably the best-known episode of this classic series, it involves bored station manager Mr. Carlson, and an ill-conceived promotion involving the dropping of 20 live turkeys from a helicopter. Carlson figured the turkeys would gently float down to the ground and give Cincinatti a pleasant Thanksgiving surprise. You know what happens next; turkeys plunging to their deaths like little feathered bombs. Les Nessman's radio description of the scene is hilarious -- he even throws in a "Oh, the humanity!" for good measure -- as is Carlson's classic last line: "As God is my witness, I thought turkeys could fly."

Full House
The Miracle of Thanksgiving, 11/20/87
This popular sitcom had all sorts of sappy holiday episodes, but the Thanksgiving episode from season one is especially poignant. It's the family's first year without their mother, so surrogate dads Jesse and Joey join the Tanner clan for a homemade Thanksgiving dinner made by tween daughter DJ— a meal that features a still frozen turkey and a demolished "Picture Perfect Pumpkin Pie".


The Brady Bunch
The Un-Underground Movie, 10/16/70
This popular sitcom- which still airs in syndication today- features an episode about Greg Brady (Barry Williams) making a home movie about the Pilgrims for his history class. The entire Brady family gets involved in reenacting the first Thanksgiving at Plymouth Rock. This show can be found on TV Land.

The Sopranos
He Is Risen11/15/01
Yeah, yeah, it was a Thanksgiving episode in April, but 'The Sopranos' always marched on its own schedule, so let's get past that. The best moment of this T-Day-themed installment occurred at Tony and Carmela's holiday dinner table, at which sister Janice was seated, along with Aaron, the latest schmucky boyfriend she'd dragged home. Aaron, we learn, is narcoleptic, and he falls asleep mid-meal. He wakes up when the doorbell at Casa Soprano rings, and Jackie April Jr. appears in the dining room.

Upon being introduced to Jackie, Aaron looks up and asks, "Have you heard the news? He is risen," providing not only a memorable 'Sopranos' quote, but also the episode's title. In other Thanksgiving happenings: After discussing leftover turkey sandwiches with his crew, stressed out capo Gigi Cestone takes a trip to the bathroom, where, as Tony points out, he dies like "how Elvis went."

Mad About You
Giblets for Murray, 11/17/94
At the first Thanksgiving Paul and Jamie host as a married couple, they try too hard to please everybody and end up making numerous trips downstairs to the corner deli. When the turkey is left unattended, Murray helps himself, so they have to replace it. Numerous times; one replacement is stolen and another is tossed out the window by Jamie in an attempt to "hide" it. Eventually, Fran finds out what has happened and tells everybody, but Paul and Jamie don’t know the secret is out, and their attempts to conceal the kitchen troubles get more and more absurd.

Thanksgiving Orphans, 11/27/86
For some reason, the whole crew from the Cheers bar decide to spend Thanksgiving together (don't these people have families?).But the gigantic turkey, dubbed "Birdzilla' by Carla (Rhea Pearlman), takes forever to cook. At the end, a food fight ensues and Norm's never-seen wife Vera makes a cameo, but her face is covered in mashed potatoes so you still can't see what she looks like.

Thanksgiving Winners:

Monday, November 23rd

Answer - Honey Ha,

Winner - Mary Ann Calla

Tuesday, November 24th, 2020

_ a _ v _ _ t  

Answer - Harvest

Winner - Joyce Blatt