Mayor Lou Radkowski Declares Declaration Of Disaster Emergency For St. Marys

March 20, 2020

City Mayor, Lou Radkowski, declared a Declaration of Disaster Emergency For St. Marys. The signed declaration listed below


Mayor Lou Radkowski from the City Of St Marys joined us to discuss the current COVIC-19 Pandemic and how it is affecting the City of St. Marys and its residents.



WHEREAS, the global spread of coronavirus has been recognized as a pandemic by both federal and state agencies;

AND WHEREAS, the Governor of Pennsylvania has issued a proclamation that effective

March 20, 2020, at 12:01 A.M., all businesses not classified as "life-sustaining" must be closed;

AND WHEREAS, I, in my capacity as Mayor of the City of St. Marys, find that the potential spread of coronavirus within the City presents a clear and present danger to the health and welfare of the citizens of St. Marys;

AND WHEREAS, Section 7501 (b) of the Emergency Management Services Code of Pennsylvania, 35 Pa.C.S.A. 7501 (b), empowers the mayor or chief executive officer of a political subdivision to declare a local disaster emergency where a disaster has occurred or is imminent;

NOW, THEREFORE, pursuant to the powers granted to me by Section 7501 (b) cited above, I hereby declare a local disaster emergency for the City of St. Marys; and the City Manager is directed to give prompt and general publicity of the issuance of this declaration and to file a copy of this declaration with all appropriate government agencies.

The City's emergency management coordinator and the City Manager are each authorized to take such actions as are permitted under the Emergency Services Management Code to control and mitigate the spread and effects of the coronavirus. Where reasonably possible, such actions shall receive the prior approval of City Council. Where time is of the essence, the action may be taken without such approval and promptly reported to City Council.

This declaration shall take effect immediately.


City Mana er, Timothy J. Pearson

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