Gerg Insurance Agency "Community Spotlight"

June 11, 2020

Our Community Spotlight Presented by the Gerg Insurance Agencies. This month we spotlight on our local food banks and food pantries. While they have been serving our communities for years, they have proven especially important during the pandemic. The Elk And Cameron Foodbanks provide food boxes to eligible families throughout our communities. Food items are obtained through local donations and from funding. And, today we also say thank you to the many volunteers who help with planning, stocking and distributing food each day. We pay tribute to the Cameron County Food Pantry, The Christian Food Bank in St. Marys, the Good Samaritan food bank in Ridgway and the Helping Hand Food Pantry in Johnsonburg. Our community spotlight, presented by the Gerg Insurance Agencies of St. Marys, Ridgway and Warren


to the Class of 2020 from The Ed Gerg Insurance Agency of St. Marys, Ridgway & Warren.

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