Helpmates, Inc. Reaches Out To "My Pillow" For Protective Masks For Employees

April 18, 2020

Like many businesses, Helpmate's, Inc., one of the regions largest and most reputable Home Health Care Agencies, had to be creative when it came to supplying masks for the company's employees. During a brainstorming session, Jill Salter and Chi Catalone, from Helpmates Inc., were discussing Mike Lindell, CEO of My Pillow. who recently joined President Trump during a televised news conference. Jill suggested calling the My Pillow Guy to see if it were possible for his company to help. 


The two thought, at this point what could it hurt, but never thought they would even get through. Chi was surprised when customer service answered and transferred her to another department that was handling the mask requests calls.  Chi left a long winded voice mail and hung up.  She thought for sure that was the end of that. 


Well, she was literally speechless when the next day Helpmates received a call from a Dawn, from My Pillow calling back to  provided her with an email to send request if  interested in ordering face mask, surgical, which Helpmates employees were most in need of. As it turned out, Helpmates ordered and have 2000 surgical masks arriving and our 800 cloth masks should be here soon.

Thanks to that one call to My Pillow, Helpmates, Inc. has added a much needed supply of protective masks to provide their 600 employees to allow them to continue their courageous efforts to serve their clients.

Thank you Mike Lindell & My Pillow!

(Pictured with masks, Donna Becker & Chi Catalone from Helpmates, Inc.) CLICK HERE FOR HELPMATES, INC.

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