Parents Of COVID-19 Victim In Cameron County Shares Their Story

April 08, 2020

The parents of Cameron County’s first and so far only positive Covid-19 case reached out to the River 989.  The family wants to share their story in order to make the community aware of their experience with Covid-19.

The 21 year old college student went on a 5 day spring break trip to Florida the first week of March with a group of friends from college.   She returned to her college apartment which she shares with 4 girls on March 14.  That night she had a “night sweat”.  After experiencing no other symptoms she returned to Emporium on March 20.  Being allergic to the family dog her allergies kicked in with a stuffy nose, sneezing and a rash, but cleared up after taking sinus-allergy medicine. 

Four days later she complained of a lack of smell and taste.  Cole UPMC in Coudersport tested their daughter and she was notified March 27 of the positive result.  The only symptoms she experienced was one experience of night sweats and the loss of taste and smell.  Her mother and younger brother have self quarantined since March 20th when she got home to be proactive with other family members and the community.  No household members have had any symptoms since she returned. 

The family continues to follow the recommendations from the Pennsylvania Department of Health.  The department released their daughter on March 29th, but she currently remains in quarantine with the rest of the family who is to be self quarantined until April 10. 

None of the friends that went on the trip have had any symptoms.  At least one of them was tested and it came back negative. 

Their daughter never had a cough, high fever, or shortness of breath.  Her sense of smell and taste returned on April 4.  The parents requested follow up tests, but was told by UPMC Cole that they do not offer follow up tests.  The family says they will continue to practice social distancing throughout the month of April.


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