Next Cameron County Food Distribution November 18th


Due to the corona virus outbreak, and operating with concern for the health of our clients, the Cameron County Food Pantry will be operating on the following schedule.  The food distribution scheduled for November 18, 2020, at 1pm will be accomplished as follows.

You are eligible for this food distribution if you are unemployed or have had a reduction in work hours due to the corona virus.  Please call Dave Malize at 814-486-1161 Ext 269 and pre-register.

Clients from the Emporium Arms and Maple Street Apartments will receive food delivered Tuesday, November 17 at 10:00 am.

On Wednesday, November 18, 2020, the regular Food Pantry distribution will be at the usual 1:00 pm time on Fourth Street in front of Northern Tier Community Action.  South Poplar Street will be closed to Food Pantry vehicular traffic.  Clients with cars are asked to stage on Fourth Street in the spaces available between Vine Street and Poplar Street.  You will be directed when to pull forward to the space in designated front of Northern Tier to receive your box.


 Please be patient while we try to get everyone through as quickly as possible.  A volunteer will take your name and another will place your box(S) in your car (do not get out of your car) and you can then pull out when you can do so safely, allowing the next vehicle to move up.  If you are not able to get in line with your car, please just drive around the block and come back. PLEASE DO NOT BLOCK TRAFFIC ON FOURTH STREET!

If you normally walk to the Food Pantry, you will also get your food box on Fourth Street.  We will have a specific walk-up location for you to be served.  Please wait there to be served and keep two arms lengths distance from others who may be in line for distribution. 

If you are sick or have a health issue that prevents you from coming out, or if you have questions, please call Dave Malize at 814-486-1161 Ext 269 and we will arrange to get your food to you.  Please do not come out if you are sick.

Your cooperation is expected.  Please be patient during this process.  We will get through this by working together.