Listen To Our Interview With A Truck Driver From Buffalo, N.Y. Who Was Passing Through

March 23, 2020

His name is Lyman, he's a truck driver from upstate New York. He travels through our part of the region almost every week. This week, as he was traveling through, he was listening To The River 98.9. Tina Johns was on the air and was talking about how much we appreciate all those who are doing so much for everyone during this chaotic times. The grocery store workers, the restaurants workers who are preparing take-outs, local businesses who are permitted to stay open,the volunteers at food banks and truck drivers. Lyman was so appreciative of hearing that he was appreciated, and he is, as well as all the other truck drivers who supply our area with so many things we need on a day-today-basis.

Please listen to our interview with Lyman below.

And please remember, this is not to take away anything from the deep respect and gratitude we have for the men and women in our health care industry. Thank you isn't enough, 24-7 prayers are in order for all of them.


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Truck Driver Appreciates OurThe River 98.9
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