Ridgmont Assisted Living

WRC communities continue to find ways to rejoice and celebrate life!

Ridgmont resident Grace Winters enjoys a phone call with her son Brian and daughter-in-law Johnna through a window at Ridgmont's building in Ridgway, PA.

**If you are interested in visiting with your loved one in this way at any of our facilities, please call ahead of time and we can help coordinate with you.



WRC is taking an abundance of caution in preventing the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19), and requesting that families and loved ones please refrain from visiting any of our WRC communities,

We are keeping our residents busy with activities inside the facility, and we continue to rejoice and celebrate life in every way we can! If you have children home from school this week, feel free to color pictures or write letters to our residents! Please reach out to your facility directly, or Director of Strategic Communication, Catie Clark-Gordon, at 814-220-2142 or cgordon@wrc.org