Tim Piccirillo Talks About His Battle With Coronavirus

June 23, 2020

There is a good chance you know Tim Piccirillo. A native of Ridgway, Tim is a popular musician, magician, motivational speaker, singer, and Digital Marketing Director. Tim now resides in Florida. What you may not know about Tim is that he is battling COVID-19.

Tim posted on social media several days ago that he needed prayers. His post was quickly filled with comments from friends and relatives all around the country. What we learned a few days later was that Tim was in the hospital, battling coronavirus.

On Monday evening, Tim went to FACEBOOK LIVE to share his story. He talks about the horrific disease that we are all trying to avoid. He emphasizes that we all need to follow the guidelines set by the Health Department, including WEARING A MASK, washing hands, and social distancing.

We hope you take a few minutes to watch the video and get first hand information on COVID-19 from one of our own

Thanks to Tim for allowing us to share this powerful video. GET WELL TIM!

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