Cameron County Recreation Board Looking For Members

The Cameron County Commissioners, along with Rowan Crisp, Cameron County Recreation Director, are excited to invite you to become a member on the Cameron County Recreation Advisory Board.

Serving on the Cameron County Recreation Advisory Board will provide you with the opportunity to provide new direction and opportunities to the youth in Cameron County.

The main purpose of the Cameron County Recreation Advisory Board is to provide positive, constructive advice about the direction Cameron County Recreation should flow.

The board will meet an average of six times per year. There may also be some follow-up questions and discussions by email. The initial set up of the new board will require more frequent meetings to get organized and discuss thoughts regarding this fresh new start with both new members and our new director.

Please submit your letter of intent by June 21st at 4PM to:

Cameron County Commissioners Office

20 East 5th Street

Emporium, PA 15834

You can also email your letter of intent to

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