Elk Season To Provide Bull Hunting Opportunities

For the first time ever, Pennsylvania’s late elk season will provide bull hunting opportunities!

This year, a total of 187 elk licenses (56 antlered, 131 antlerless) will be allotted across the three seasons for 2021-22. Seasons and license allocations are as follows:

The EARLY ARCHERY SEASON, which runs SEPT. 11-25 has 14 antlered and 15 antlerless licenses available.

The GENERAL ELK SEASON, which runs NOV. 1-6 has 32 antlered and 77 antlerless licenses available.

The LATE SEASON, which runs JAN. 1-8 has 10 antlered and 39 antlerless licenses available.

Hunters interested in applying for an elk license can do so from June 14 – July 31, 2021 at any issuing agent or online at HuntFish.PA.gov.

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