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Get Ready For Fishing Season At Ireland's Bait Shop Of Elk County!

We are beginning another new year and getting prepared for the Spring fishing season. We are asking for everyone’s orders for Shrimp and/or Salmon eggs.

Order now to ensure your type, color and quantity that you need. Orders can be called in at (814) 335-1021.

If you are new to the ordering process, all we need is the type (salmon or shrimp), flavor, color, quantity and the name and number of the person, who will be picking them up. The reason for the premature ordering is to make sure that our customers receive what is liked and the quantity needed. We drive to pick these up ourselves so that they do not freeze, in transit. Your name will be placed on your order and will be reserved for you, until you retrieve them. Thank you all for cooperating with the premature orders. We want to make sure that we get them in and receive them for you, promptly. See you soon.

Ireland's Bait Shop

22890 Bennetts Valley Highway

Weedville, Pa.


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