Gun Rights Supporters Rally Outside State Capital

A couple hundred gun rights enthusiasts attended an annual pro-gun rally on the Pennsylvania Capitol steps Monday, with many pushing for a proposal to let anyone who can legally possess firearms to conceal them without a license or permit when carrying them in public.

The organizer of the Right to Keep and Bear Arms Rally, state Rep. Daryl Metcalfe, said the attendance may have been the lowest in the 16 years for the event. Dozens of Republican representatives and senators, however, were there ahead of what was a legislative business day.

Mick McGuire, an Army veteran who manages a mechanic's shop for a vehicle fleet, posed for photos at the rally while holding a rifle, with a handgun strapped to his side.

McGuire, who lives near New Castle, said he was in attendance to "show all the politicians and people here at the Statehouse that the Second Amendment isn't dead.”

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