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Ireland's Bait Shop Features A Wide Selection Of Bait and Fishing Supplies

Ireland’s Bait Shop has a wide variety of fly fishing rods and bait casting rods. Todays feature is the DOUGLAS RODS..ERA Series and LRS Series. The ERA Series come is sizes 6’10”-7’6”. They are Medium Light to Medium Heavy weight and Moderate to Extra Fast with a weight catch of 6 to 25lbs. This new rod series aims to provide anglers with remarkable performance while maintaining an affordable price range. With the ERA rods, you can expect exceptional accuracy, precise control, and impressive power. These rods are specifically designed for various fishing techniques, ensuring that anglers receive a superior quality rod that delivers excellent value for their investment. The LRS Series come in sizes 6’6” to 13’6”. They are Light to Medium Heavy weight and Moderate to Extra Fast, as well, with a weight catch of 2 to 30lbs. The LRS was designed to be the workhorse addition to the fisherman’s arsenal. This series offers anglers stunning looks, high-end components, superior strength-to-weight ratios and thoroughly engineered technique-specific actions at an affordable price tag. LRS Rods features tactical sensitivity coupled with the durability that anglers at the highest levels expect from their equipment. Great Rods at great prices. Get yours today at Ireland’s Bait Shop.

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