Major Drug Bust In Ridgway

After nearly a month long investigation, the Elk County drug Task for executed a search warrant at 401 North Broad Street in Ridgway on February 19th, 2021 with the assistance of the Ridgway Borough Police as well as the Pennsylvania State Police. Members of the task force found the following individuals in the residence: Ashley Druhot, Jonathan Villmer, Travis Cauvel, Isaiah Krise, Nathanial Poirier, Ashley Bowley, Timothy Visniesky and Eric Zellonis.

As a result of the search warrant, task force members seized 44 grams of crystal methamphetamine, 130 bags of heroin, 5 grams of marijuana, 3 buprenorphine strips, 7 cellular devices, 767 dollars and large amounts of drug paraphernalia related to the use of crystal methamphetamine and heroin.

During the investigation task Force members learned that Ashlee Druhot AKA "Sunshine", and Jonathan Villmer AKA "Shaggy" were selling crystal methamphetamine's from the North Broad Street location. Task force members located a processing station withing the bedroom of Ashlee Druhot and Jonathan Villmer set up for packaging and distributing crystal methamphetamine. Additionally, Task force members located a dry erase board in front of the packing station indicating the prices for various weights of crystal Methamphetamine.

The Task force members found through this investigation that Travis Cauvel, Ashlee Bowley, Timothy Visniesky and Eric Zellonis were involved int he distribution of heroin within the area. A separate search warrant was obtained for the vehicle that Visniesky and Zellonis were using which resulted in the seizure of heroin from a safe within the vehicle. Task Force members found that Isaiah Krise and Nathanial Poirier were present at the residence to use crystal Methamphetamine and heroin.

Ashlee Druhot, Jonathan Villmer, Travis Cauvel, Ashley Bowley, Timothy Visniesky and Eric Zellonis were charged with felonies for distribution of controlled substances and other related offenses. They are currently incarcerated in Elk County Prison awaiting a hearing. Charges have been filed against Isaiah Krise for possession of controlled substances.

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