Pennsylvania Congressman Co-Sponsors Impeachment Against President Donald Trump

Pennsylvania Congressman Mike Doyle is co-sponsoring impeachment articles against President Donald Trump for the civil unrest that occurred in the nation’s capital on Wednesday.

Doyle announced just hours earlier that he supports the 25th Amendment being invoked against President Trump in order to remove him from office. Several other high-ranking legislators, including Senator Chuck Schumer and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, called for Vice President Mike Pence and the President’s Cabinet to use the 25th Amendment. Pennsylvania Senator Bob Casey also supports invoking the 25th Amendment against Trump.'

Rep. Ilhan Omar of Minnesota announced on Wednesday that she intended to draft new articles of impeachment against President Trump and on Thursday revealed the articles and a growing list of cosponsors.

The calls for the 25th Amendment and even impeachment come as several legislators have placed the blame for yesterday’s events on President Trump.

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