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Ridgway Area School District Releases Upate On 2024-2025 School Year Calendar

(From Social Media Post) - We appreciate hearing from parents in regards to the PROPOSED 2024-2025 school year calendars. The current 23-24 school year calendar has 176 instructional days for students. The curriculum, instruction and student learning committee developed a 1st draft calendar for 24-25 (167 instructional days for students). This calendar was presented as an informational item to the board in April. Then the calendar was shared with staff, elementary parents and middle-high parents during focus group meetings in mid-April. Feedback was collected from all participants who attended those meetings. In addition, unsolicited feedback was received by the superintendent via email. All feedback was shared with the board. The committee used the feedback to develop a 2nd draft calendar proposal (172 instructional days for students). That proposal was shared with the board, staff and district parents/guardians via email last week. The 2nd draft calendar proposal was discussed at length at the work session meeting this past Tuesday. We appreciated both the parents and the curriculum, instruction and student learning committee members who presented at the work session. Based on that discussion the approval of a calendar was tabled until the June meeting (6/11/2024) and an RASD parent/guardian survey will be administered to ensure that all stakeholders have the opportunity to express their thoughts.

This afternoon, RASD parents/guardians will be receiving information regarding the calendar proposal that was previously sent. This will allow parents/guardians to be fully informed before receiving the survey. On Friday (5/10/2024) parents/guardians will receive a link to the survey. The survey topics will be the calendar and transportation. We ask that this survey be completed by May 17, 2024. The purpose of this feedback is for district planning regarding the calendar and transportation. The committee will use the survey data to make final revisions to the calendar, before it is presented as an informational item to the Board on June 4 and then voted on June 11.

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