Ridgway Man is Successful at Rolfe Beagle Club’s Hunt

Paul Costanzo, resident of Ridgway, Elk County, broke the ice for Ridgway hunters and brought a coyote to Rolfe Beagle Club’s Statewide, 10-day, Coyote and Crow Hunt on the last weekend of the hunt. Paul harvested a 27.8 # female coyote in a farmer’s field near Johnsonburg, Elk County. Paul uses both electronic and mouth calls, and shoots a .223 rifle with a thermal scope. “This was the third field I hit that night and finally got a ‘yote that responded to the calls”, said Paul.

The Rolfe Beagle Club will be offering its Coyote and Fox Hunt or Trap event over two weekends in February, 2023.

Additional information at the Facebook Page, Rolfe Beagle Club.

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