Ridgway School District Issues Statement On Cheerleading & Bands

(The following is from a social media post from Ridgway Area School District)

There is contradictory information related to PIAA and PA Department of Health regarding whether or not cheerleading and band can participate at football games. The Ridgway Area School District HAS NOT taken the position to exclude cheerleading and band at this time. The administration believes that with all health and safety precautions in place, if the PIAA and PA Department of Health tell us it is safe enough to play football, then it is safe enough for cheerleading and band to participate as well. We have requested written information from both agencies (PIAA and PA Department of Health) to better understand the situation. The RASD Board of Directors will be meeting in August to review and approve a health and safety plan. Facilitation of extra-curriculars is part of that plan, cheerleading and band are extra-curricular governed by local decisions.