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St. Marys Area Middle School Mini-Thon To Be Held March 1st

St. Marys Area Middle School is hosting a Mini-THON on Friday, March 1st. This will be the fourth year that we have had the opportunity to host this event. Between the first three Mini - THONS, our middle school students raised over $38,000 for pediatric cancer research!

As you may be aware, we have several children in Elk County who are currently fighting cancer, which makes this cause near and dear to our hearts.

This multi-hour in-school event will bring together hundreds of students and teachers from St. Marys Middle School for a common cause: conquering childhood cancer.

The St. Marys Area Middle School Mini-THON, will be supporting Four Diamonds in their mission to conquer childhood cancer. Each year, Four Diamonds provides direct support to approximately 600 children with cancer. Since its creation in 1972, Four Diamonds has helped more than 3,700 families and has supported a diverse platform of childhood cancer research at Penn State Children’s Hospital, seeking improved treatments and cures to benefit those around the world.

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