Trick Or Treating In Benezette Township October 29th

Just be clear, Trick or Treat activities for Benezette Township will be on Thursday, October 29th from 4pm - 6 pm. This is being done in the spirit of safety for all involved. While I understand people can be careful, you still can’t stop careless and reckless behavior. A combination of seasonal traffic, Halloween parties and the Elk season bring in more traffic makes this decision easy. Traffic has increased tremendously as a result of COVID keeping people close to home. For those you wishing to do your own thing, that’s you’re decision. While I hear people’s concerns about tradition, we are not canceling Halloween. We are simply making adjustments to improve the chances it will be safe and fun for the community. For those of you wishing to participate with Thursday’s Trick or Treating activities, please leave your porch light on.