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Win A Char-Griller

Enjoy grilling, barbecuing and smoking your favorite recipes in your own backyard with the Char-Griller 72424 Table Top Charcoal Grill and Side Fire Box. Featuring a lightweight design, it can be easily carried to your courtyard or patio for cooking. As a table-top grill, it?s the perfect companion for camping trips or tailgates

Plus A $50 Gift Certificate From SAVE-A-LOT!

Here Is How It Works...
Answer our daily trivia questions. Each day, we will choose a winner from all correct entries and award the daily winners Pennsylvania Lottery Tickets. All daily winners will be entered into a Grand Prize Drawing for the Grille & Gift Certificate. Winning starts Monday, July 13th!

C & B Car Wash In Emporium

3 Bay Carwash with Foaming Brushes. New LED’S installed in all three bays to make your night time experience brighter

Elk County Foods

Our stores are both open today from 7am-3pm. We're ready for the heat all over the store! Ice, Propane, fresh meat, deli, bakery and produce all ready to go! ​ Visit us on Facebook

Rich Valley Winery

Rich Valley Wines, located in Emporium, makes all wines on site in the of the PA Wilds. Try our Cherry Slushies and PA made spirits.

Cameron County Chamber Of Commerce


Check out the latest news from our community and local businesses. Call the Cameron County Chamber of Commerce & Artisan Center at 814-486-4314 or online at www.cameroncountychamber.org.

Reid's Auto Sales & Service

We specialize in minor as well as major repairs to automobiles & light trucks foreign and domestic. There is no job to large or too small. Check us Out on Facebook!

Save A Lot On Brusselles Street, St. Marys


We are proud to offer our customers fresh produce, fresh meat and your favorite National Brands at everyday low prices. Save-A-Lot customers save up to 40% more than conventional grocery stores. Stop by Save A Lot on Brusselles Street in St. Marys  VIEW WEEKLY AD

Elk County Collission

Professional auto body and collision repair. Free Computer Estimates. Axalta water based refinishing. Paint-less dent repair.

Located at 809 S Michael Rd, Saint Marys, Pennsylvania. Call 834-1072

Cozy Afghan Bed & Breakfast

The Cozy Afghan offers  a cozy, friendly, family-style stay featuring a home-style breakfast and a variety of homemade baked goods available daily. Visit our website

Elk County Real Estate

Whether you're buying or selling, I can help you get the best deal. Whether you're buying, or selling, our experienced staff is here to help. Call 781-1393. CLICK to check our latest listings.

Auman Brothers Construction

With more than 37 years of experience, the professionals ofAuman Brothers Construction are your number-one source for excavation services. From land clearing to foundation work, we can handle it all; there is no job too big or too small! Visit us online, CLICK HERE

Pizza Palace Plus

Pizza, Wings, Subs, Steak or Fish, with a full menu of variety! Pizza Palace Plus in Emporium. Call for take out at 486-1819.

Emporium Food Store

For all of your groceries, fresh meats and more. Shop Emporium Food Store, 441 E. Third Street in Emporium.

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Congratulations BETTY WALTER of Ridgway! Betty Wins the Grill, Gift Certificate & More Lottery Tickets!
Thanks everyone for playing!!!
Summer Sweepstakes
Thursday, August 6th
Name the former Flower Shop that was next to the Firestone Store around the Diamond in St. Marys
Answer - Lyn Clare Flower Shop
Winner - Ruth Ross
Summer Sweepstakes
Tuesday, August 4th
What do the names Marshall, Grosser & Geyer Have in Common?
Answer - Former St. Marys Mayors
Winner - Lisa DeWald
Summer Sweepstakes
Monday, August 3rd
Located at 533 State Park Road, this local State Park is a big attraction in Elk County all year. Name The Park
Answer - Bendigo State Park
Winner - Heather Shaffer
Summer Sweepstakes
Friday, July 31st
Name this former St. Marys Business...."________the Fashion Center on Erie Avenue"
Answer - Bermans
Winner - Margie Anderson
Summer Sweepstakes
Thursday, July 30th
This Johnsonburg native hit the pop charts with the disco version of the Star Wars Theme. Who was it?
Answer - Domenico "Meco" Monardo
Winner - Jenna Tomaski
Summer Sweepstakes
Wednesday, July 29th
Joseph MacDonald of Ridgway was the owner of what popular Ridgway Business?
Answer - Joe Macs Pub
Winner - Betty Walter
Summer Sweepstakes
Tuesday, July 28th
"St. Marys Chamber office was once the site of a popular convenience store, what was it?
Answer - UniMart
Winner - Jennifer Barnett
Summer Sweepstakes
Monday, July 27th
"Hello Weatherbirds", a daily greeting from a local weather observer on the radio. Who was it?
Answer - Walter Schaut
Winner - Walter Schaut
Summer Sweepstakes
Friday, July 24th
Years ago when you went to the movies in Ridgway you went to the _________Theatre
Answer - Strand
Winner - Tracy Thompson
Summer Sweepstakes
Thursday, July 23rd
Popular restaurant in St. Marys many years ago..."The Little _______"
Answer - Skipper
Winner - Sandra Florig
Summer Sweepstakes
Wednesday, July 22nd
What do "Modern", "Elk County" & "Ayshire" have in common?
Answer - Dairy Stores In Elk County
Winner - Doll Fox
Summer Sweepstakes
Tuesday, July 21st
In the 70's and 80s, the St. Marys Youth Center sponsored a 24 hour event as an annual fundraiser. What was it?
Answer - Dance Marathon
Winner - Shay Annis
Summer Sweepstakes
Monday, July 20th
What Ridgway Business, established in 1884, became the leading manufacturer of architectural millwork in the Eastern U.S.
Answer: Hyde-Murphy Company
Winner - Anna Smith