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St. Marys Pharmacy Announces COVID-19 Saliva Testing Available
St. Marys Pharmacy is now offering new Curbside COVID-19 Saliva Testing.

No minimum age, no appointment necessary.  Covered by insurance. 

Test Monday through Friday before 2pm, results are usually in your email the next evening by 11pm.  Fed-Ex does not pick up on Saturday or Sunday.  If you test on Saturday or Sunday, you can typically expect your results on Tuesday evening. 

Testing is SMP Simple!

  1. Register at

  2. Drive to our St Marys or Kane location

  3. Call from the curb 

    • St. Marys: 814-971-HELP (814-971-4357)

    • Kane: 814-837-8500 ext 299

  4. Submit your sample

  5. Wait for your results

Interview - Molly Beimel Saliva Testing 9-2021Molly Beimel From St. Marys Pharmacy
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