Update On St. Marys Pharamcy COVID-19 Vaccination Campaign


LISTEN to our interview With Frank Straub Below


We are trying to give EVERY eligible Phase 1-A applicant an opportunity to the vaccine as we are bound by the PA Department of Health to allow all patients in Pennsylvania fitting the Phase 1-A description to receive the vaccine by us.

Our service and process has been duplicated across the State for its efficiency. Our staff has had many nights working until 2:00-3:00am. We have been pushed to our utter limits physical and mentally, we are exhausted but we haven't stopped and won't stop until every last person that wants the vaccine receives the vaccine.

We all want normalcy. We are all anxious.

Please remain patient and understanding with us.

Best Regards,

The Vaccination Team at SMP

Frank Straub With Update On Vaccinations From St. Marys Pharmacy