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Your Vote Matters Now, Monday, October 3rd at Red Fern

Come join us for an informative and motivating, life-honoring, event being held at the Red Fern in Kersey, PA on October 3, 2022 from 6-9PM. As we gather around refreshments, we will hear from four key individuals who will explain why this is the most important election of all time. They will update us on the current state of affairs in our nation and explain some of the proposed bills that are being pushed upon the American people and the consequences that will ocurr if democrats remain in power. This event is designed to unite our community together so we can bring common sense back to our nation by getting more pro-American and pro-life voters out to vote this November 8th. "Your Vote Matters Now" is being brought to you by "Life Matters Now," a non-profit 501-4c organization designed to bring communities together for the purpose of building a greater culture in our nation. LMN has the goal to end abortion, addiction, suicide and euthanasia.


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* Paid for by Life Matters Now

Scott Wiest, PresidentYour Vote Matters
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