News For Those Who Wear Contacts

Chances for getting Coronavirus increases Click here

St. Marys Library Collects Photographs of Life


Library Also collecting essays On Pandemic. Courier Express

We Can Do This! A Sign Of Hope

This is a picture taken at the St. Marys Post Office

First Commonwealth Bank Joins ‘PA CARE Package’ Initiative, Offering Expanded Consumer Relief

First Community Bank To Join PA CARE Package



Plus Audio Of COVID-19 Coverage

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This Day In Music

April 6th, 1970 - Diana Ross, having left The Supremes four months earlier, issues her debut single as a solo artist, "Reach Out And Touch (Somebody's Hand)."


April 6th, 1979 - In Beverly Hills, Rod Stewart marries George Hamilton's ex-wife, Alana. The couple divorces in 1984.

April 6th, 1998 - Tammy Wynette dies at age 55 after suffering numerous health problems.

Something To Talk About

Now that so many people are working remotely from their homes because of the coronavirus they are finding out that it sort of sucks.  Here are some negatives about working at home: No water cooler around which you can share office gossip. Working from home is very lonely. You never really leave the office (you know that good feeling you get when you leave the office? You’re not getting it now). There’s no IT Department. And one of the worst things about working at home – you need an insane amount of self-motivation to get anything done. Source:

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