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Carnival Booths

New Midway For
Ridgway Carnival

 Due to some organizational changes, we were advised by Powers and Thomas Midway they would not be able to provide the midway for this year’s carnival.  They have been coming to Ridgway for years, and know how big the event is.  The management team at Powers and Thomas recommended Penn Valley Shows to take their place.  Penn Valley Shows accepted, and will honor all of the Powers and Thomas advanced ride tickets.  Same deal…one ticket per ride.  Penn Valley Shows is familiar with the area as they provide the midway for the Warren County Fair.Advanced ride tickets are on sale now throughout the county, and pricing is the same as it has been.  The advanced ride tickets all say Powers and Thomas. We would like to thank Powers and Thomas for their help in finding a replacement and we want to welcome Penn Valley Shows to Ridgway.  Check out their website for more information on what they offer.  

Carnival Booths

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Interview With
Dave Parsons

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