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Stackpole Hall Foundation Postpones Long Range Study

Due to the current pandemic situation, the Stackpole-Hall Foundation announces they are postponing their 2020 long range study. Therefore, all committee meetings, dinners, or related events are temporarily postponed. The long-range committee chairs intend to meet in April to determine what the next steps are for this study.

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Jennifer Dippold, Executive Director for the Stackpole-Hall Foundation is asking all community members who have been selected to sit on either the education, senior services, health and human services, or community development committees to stay connected with the committee chairs Ms. Kate Brock, Mr. Frank Kaul, Sheriff Todd Caltagarone, and Mr. Eric Wolfe, and to provide feedback in regards to the impact of the pandemic within their organization. The Trustees of the Foundation believe the current pandemic situation will add another area of study for the long-range plan and community feedback will assist the Foundation in identifying funding priorities for the future.


The Stackpole-Hall Foundation will be supporting Elk County for 70 years in 2021. Since 1951, the Foundation has funded $41 million worth of projects in our community. To apply for funding from the Stackpole Hall Foundation organizations must be a 501 c 3 non-profit organization, a municipality, educational institution, or faith-based organization. To learn more about The Stackpole-Hall Foundation grant guidelines and application process, visit

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